International Anti-Corruption Conference

The International Anti-Corruption Conference (IACC) is the world premier forum that brings together civil society, heads of state, and the private sector to tackle the increasingly sophisticated challenges posed by corruption. The IACC takes place every two years in a different region of the world, and attracts up to 1500 participants from over 135 countries.

 18th International Anti-Corruption Conference

In October 24, 2018, GOPAC held a session at the 18th International Anti-Corruption Conference (IACC) with the theme of “Parliamentarians Renew Push for Stronger Partnerships.” The session was joined by panelists; Dr. Fadli Zon (GOPAC Chair – Indonesia), Shakeel Shabbir Ahmed (APNAC Kenya), Margaret Quirk MLA (GOPAC Australia), Taefu Lemi Taefu (GOPAC Samoa), Danish MP Michael Aastrup Jensen, and Vanuatu National Youth Council media officer Deffnie Thompson, and moderated by GOPAC secretary John Hyde and UNDP’s Regional Anti-Corruption Specialist (Pacific), Mihaela Stojkoska.
GOPAC highlighted the importance of parliamentarians engaging with their constituents and working collaboratively with civil society to raise awareness of corruption and good governance issues and lobby for legislative and administrative changes at combatting corruption. The session focused on the representational role of parliamentarians in ensuring that the voice of the people is heard by the government and reflected in appropriate anti-corruption legislation.


17th International Anti-Corruption Conference

On December 2, 2016, GOPAC in cooperation with Kroll, a globally renowned corporate investigations and risk consulting private firm, have the opportunity to hold a breakout session focusing on the asset recovery issue during the 17th International Anti-Corruption Conference (IACC), Panama. GOPAC Chair, Dr. Fadli Zon participated in this session entitled “Prosecuting Corruption and Recovering Stolen Assets“.

The focus of the session was to discuss and explore all the available options at international, bilateral, national, and civil levels that can advance the prosecution of corruption and the recovery of stolen assets. Dr. Zon together with Michael Khoo, a prosecutor within the US Department of Justice Kleptocracy Unit; Edward H. Davis Jr., Partner and Founder of Astigarraga Davis Law Firm; and, Angela Barkhouse, Kroll’s Associate Managing Director, Investigations and Disputes were the panelists of the event.


15th International Anti-Corruption Conference

In November 2012, GOPAC participated in the 15th IACC in Brasilia, Brazil with the objective of uniting parliamentarians and civil society actors in a collaborative international fight against corruption. In addition to bringing the perspective of parliamentarians to the IACC sessions, GOPAC also organised a special parliamentary panel held on the final day of the conference.

GOPAC members were active throughout the IACC, and brought from all corners of the globe, including five of our six regional chapters: GOPAC America Latina y el Caribe, Arab Parliamentarians Against Corruption (ARPAC), African Parliamentary Network Against Corruption (APNAC) and South East Asian Parliamentarians Against Corruption (SEAPAC).

Long Session Report