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Join the Fight to #PreventProsecuteParalyze Grand Corruption

New Anti-Corruption Campaign Advocates for International Tool to Fight Grand Corruption

GOPAC is launching #PreventProsecuteParalyze, a global campaign to mobilise citizens across the world to support the creation of an international tool for the prosecution of perpetrators of grand corruption. The launch will occur on International Anti-Corruption Day, 9 December.

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Blog: Yet Another Despot Gets Away With Grand Corruption

At the end of November, the Egyptian court dropped corruption charges against Hosni Mubarak, former president of Egypt, who was alleged to have stolen an estimated $1.2 billion from the country. This turn of events now means that one more despot has been allowed to steal from his own citizens and not face any consequences.


Statement by GOPAC on New Ukraine Parliament and Anti-Corruption Measures

GOPAC congratulates the newly elected Parliament of Ukraine and calls on parliamentarians in Ukraine to reject corruption and make anti-corruption measures a priority for economic reform and prosperity.


Check out GOPAC’s November Newsletter!

GOPAC’s November newsletter is now available online. In our latest issue, we proudly announce GOPAC’s newest national chapter, GOPAC Ecuador, and showcase GOPAC’s recent workshop on building integrity in the defence and security sector, hosted in collaboration with NATO and the NATO Parliamentary Assembly. You can also read about our latest work to encourage G20 Leaders to increase beneficial ownership transparency.


Check out GOPAC’s October Newsletter!

GOPAC’s October newsletter is now available online. In our latest issue, we introduce Making a Difference, our new video series showcasing the stories and experiences of GOPAC members. You can also read about the latest developments from our chapters in Serbia and Sri Lanka, efforts to create a new chapter in Cambodia, and GOPAC UK’s ongoing push for increased financial transparency.


Blog: Global Ethics and the Effective Parliamentarian

Jean Pierre Chabot, Program Advisor at GOPAC’s Global Secretariat, writes about our latest position paper about parliamentary ethics and conduct on the Global Ethics Network’s blog. In his post, he explains how important it is for legislators to uphold strong ethical standards while carrying out their duties in public office. By building and safeguarding clear rules on conflicts of interest, legislators not only stand to gain greater public trust but also help protect the integrity and sanctity of democratic institutions.

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GOPAC Calls for Parliamentarians to Stand Against Conflicts of Interest

GOPAC is calling for parliamentarians to stand against conflicts of interest for the improvement of integrity in parliament and a successful fight against corruption in GOPAC’s latest position paper, Preventing a Tragedy of the Commons, on inaugural Global Ethics Day.

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Check out GOPAC’s September Newsletter!

GOPAC’s September newsletter is now available online. In our latest issue, we announce the prize associated with the GOPAC International Anti-Corruption Award. We also share articles about SEAPAC’s Board Meeting and workshop held in Jarkata, Indonesia and the second International Transparency Conference in Argentina where GOPAC Argentina’s Chair moderated a panel on access to information.


International Anti-Corruption Academy Sponsors GOPAC Anti-Corruption Award

GOPAC announces that the International Anti-Corruption Academy (IACA) is sponsoring the first annual GOPAC International Anti-Corruption Award. The winner of the award will be presented with a scholarship to attend the International Anti-Corruption Summer Academy (IACSA) in 2015.

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Ricardo Garcia Cervantes, Chair of GOPAC Congratulates the Amir of Kuwait on UN Recognition as Humanitarian Leader

As Chair of GOPAC, I extend GOPAC’s congratulations to His Highness the Amir of Kuwait Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah on his United Nations recognition as Humanitarian Leader. This recognition is a reflection of His Highness’ strong commitment to safeguarding the lives of citizens the world over.


Blog: Money Laundering Hinders the Fight Against Poverty

Priya Sood, GTF Program Advisor at GOPAC’s Global Secretariat, wrote a blog in the Huffington Post about the devastating impact money laundering has on the world’s poorest countries. The ONE Campaign estimates that corrupt acts deprive citizens who are in dire need of better healthcare and education of $1 trillion per year. Ms. Sood writes that greater transparency for financial transactions and Beneficial Ownership Declarations are needed. She applauds the efforts made by both the United Kingdom and the European Parliament, but urges the Canadian government to adopt an Open Government Partnership national-level action plan on beneficial ownership transparency.

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Check out GOPAC’s August Newsletter!

GOPAC’s August newsletter is now available online. In our latest issue, we showcase our latest publication, Making a Difference: Victories in the fight against corruption, where we highlight the many achievements of our dedicated members. Our Ukrainian chapter is hard at work advocating for a new anti-corruption agency in Ukraine. Also, read about the recent meeting that was held at the Global Secretariat with the World Bank’s Integrity Vice Presidency.


GOPAC Pushes Anti-Corruption Measures at Post-2015 Consultations

GOPAC Mongolia member the Honourable Oyun Sanjaasuren, Minister of Environment and Green Development in Mongolia, and GOPAC Oceania Chair John Hyde played strong roles in the United Nations (UN) Asia-Pacific Regional Consultation on Post 2015 Accountability.

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Check out GOPAC’s July Newsletter!

GOPAC’s July newsletter is now available online. In our latest issue, we proudly announce the first annual GOPAC International Anti-Corruption Award and we invite everyone to submit nominations. Also, meet Brian Barrett, GOPAC’s new Director of Development, and learn about chapter development in Ecuador.


GOPAC Partners with UN Global Compact’s Call to Action

GOPAC is a proud partner of the United Nations Global Compact’s Call to Action, a pledge aimed at private sector businesses who wish to urge governments to promote transparency and anti-corruption measures. Since corruption is a major contributor to the undermining of economic and social development, the Call to Action is a crucial initiative to advance good governance. By signing the pledge, companies publicly show their commitment to a sustainable and inclusive global economy. For more details on the initiative and how to become a signatory, please click on the link below.

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GOPAC Board Member Dr Naser Al Sane Lectures at the International Anti-Corruption Academy on Prosecuting Grand Corruption

Dr Naser Al Sane, Chair of the Management Committee of GOPAC, lectured on the steps to hold to account perpetrators of grand corruption on the international stage during his session as a guest lecturer at the International Anti-Corruption Academy’s (IACA) summer session, 5 July 2014.

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GOPAC Releases 2012-2013 Annual Report

GOPAC’s Annual Report for 2012-2013 is now available online. In our latest report, read about GOPAC’s most recent activities and accomplishments, none of which would have been possible without the support and tireless efforts of our members. It was a year where many milestones were reached. In addition to hosting numerous workshops and sessions throughout the world, GOPAC held its fifth Global Conference of Parliamentarians Against Corruption in Manila, Philippines in February 2013. GOPAC also welcomed seven new national chapters, adding numerous dedicated anti-corruption fighters to our worldwide membership.

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Indonesia to Host Sixth Global Conference of Parliamentarians Against Corruption

GOPAC is proud to announce that Indonesia will host the sixth Global Conference of Parliamentarians Against Corruption, in Jakarta, Indonesia in 2015.

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Check out GOPAC’s June Newsletter!

GOPAC’S June newsletter is now available online. In this issue, read about the international anti-corruption and parliamentary oversight conference held in Kyrgyzstan and the C20 Summit which took place in Australia. Also, we showcase our Kuwait chapter’s seminar, outlining their suggestions for tackling corruption in Kuwait.


GOPAC Calls for G20 Governments to Implement Stronger Measures to Fight Corruption in Mining, Oil and Gas Sector

GOPAC is calling for G20 governments to show greater accountability and implement stronger measures to fight corruption in the natural resource sector as political leaders prepare to meet with civil society organizations at the C20 Summit in Melbourne, Australia, 20-21 June 2014.

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GOPAC Executive Director Addresses the UN Convention Against Corruption Implementation Review Group at the United Nations in Vienna

GOPAC Executive Director, Akaash Maharaj, spoke on behalf of our worldwide alliance of legislators to give notice that GOPAC intends to make it possible to prosecute Grand Corruption – the most dire instances of corruption – as international crimes. Our objective is to ensure that despots are brought to justice, even if they have been able to destroy or co-opt their domestic democratic institutions.

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GOPAC Granted Observer Status in the Egmont Group

GOPAC has been granted Observer Status in the Egmont Group following over a decade in the fight against the laundering of corrupt money. As part of GOPAC’s involvement, the Honourable Roy Cullen, P.C., member of GOPAC’s Anti-Money Laundering Global Task Force, outlined in Lima, Peru, at the Egmont Group’s 22nd Plenary, on the role that parliamentarians can play in strengthening the operational independence of financial intelligence units.

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Check out GOPAC’s May Newsletter!

GOPAC’s May newsletter is now available online. In this issue, we share the latest developments from our chapters in Serbia, Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Argentina. We also showcase the asset recovery conference which was held in Kiev, Ukraine and hosted by the Anti-Corruption Action Center, the Ukraine NGO functioning as the secretariat for GOPAC Ukraine.


GOPAC’s Fight Against Corruption Ever Strong

GOPAC confirmed support to corruption-fighting efforts in Ukraine through cooperation with GOPAC members within the Parliament of Ukraine and providing aid while the country passes through this period of turmoil.

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Check out the April Newsletter!

GOPAC’s April newsletter is now available online. In this issue, we share the latest work by our national chapters in the UK and Azerbaijan, as well as by our regional chapter in the Middle East. You can also get updated about our recent Executive Committee meeting at the Global Secretariat and the upcoming OECD Forum 2014.


Interview with GOPAC’s Executive Director, Akaash Maharaj, During Mission in Ukraine

International Anti-Corruption Organization Arrives in Ukraine to Help Legislators Lead Country Through Crisis

GOPAC has declared Ukraine to be one of its primary global priorities. GOPAC is therefore deploying its Executive Director, Akaash Maharaj, on a mission to Kiev, to contribute to efforts by Ukraine’s legislators to lead their country through the current crisis.

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GOPAC Calls for Improved Oversight in Management of Development Aid

GOPAC is calling for development agencies and parliamentarians to work together to improve the management of aid funds, in GOPAC’s latest position paper Improving Oversight in the Management of Development Aid, being launched at the World Bank and International Monetary Fund Spring Meetings in Washington, D.C.

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Check out the March Newsletter!

GOPAC’s March newsletter is now available online. In this issue, we share stories from our GOPAC members in Brazil, Timor-Leste, Mongolia, Canada and Kenya. We also showcases our latest position paper on gender equality in politics and the fight against corruption. Share your thoughts on the fight against corruption by answering our Question of the Month.


GOPAC Chair to Address International Anti-Corruption Workshop

GOPAC Chair, Ricardo Garcia Cervantes will present the keynote address at GOPAC Brazil’s International Anti-Corruption Workshop. The event will take place 19 March 2014 in Brasilia, Brazil. The day-long event includes five panels covering oversight, the role of media, civil society and the state in fighting corruption, and political reform.

GOPAC Calls for Greater Gender Equality in Politics to Help Reduce Corruption

GOPAC is urging countries to increase female participation in politics as a means of reducing political corruption. The appeal comes as part of GOPAC’s latest position paper, Gender Equality in Parliaments and Political Corruption, published on International Women’s Day.

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GOPAC’s February Newsletter is Here!

GOPAC’s February newsletter is now available online. In this issue, we welcome GOPAC’s 50th national chapter, GOPAC Cook Islands and share information about the GOPAC Oceania regional meeting and the GOPAC Audit Committee. The issue also showcases our involvement in the United Nations Global Compact.


GOPAC and WBI Strengthen Anti-corruption Capacity of Parliamentarians

Corruption damages the economic prosperity of nations, undermines justice and democratic institutions, and erodes citizens’ trust in their elected officials. Parliamentarians know that as elected representatives of their population they play a key leadership role in the fight against corruption. They have the power to combat corruption but they still need the tools and the knowledge to make it a successful fight.

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Cook Islands MPs Sign Up to Curb Corruption

Nearly 75 per cent of parliamentarians from the small Pacific island nation of Cook Islands joined other Oceania legislators in the capital Rarotonga for a workshop on curbing corruption conducted by the Global Organisation of Parliamentarians Against Corruption (GOPAC) in the Pacific Islands.

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GOPAC Commends Tunisia’s Legislators for Passing Corruption Fighting Constitution

The Global Organization of Parliamentarians Against Corruption (GOPAC) commends the legislators of the Republic of Tunisia for drafting important anti-corruption measures in their new Constitution.

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Check out GOPAC’s January Newsletter!

GOPAC’s January newsletter is now available online. In this issue, meet a corruption fighter from Yemen and read about GOPAC’s successful collaboration in Eurasia and the latest developments in transparency through beneficial ownership declarations. The issue also showcases a new page on GOPAC’s website and the new membership portal.



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