GOPAC Action

United Nations General Assembly Against Corruption (UNGASS) 2021

GOPAC has been actively involved in the preparatory process of the UN General Assembly Special Session Against Corruption (UNGASS) 2021.
GOPAC submitted two contributions containing the encouragement for the UNGASS 2021 Political Declaration to include and support the role of parliament in combating corruption. GOPAC recommendation derived from GOPAC regional chapters’ views of varying challenges and approaches that each regional chapter has. Besides submitting the contribution and attending preparatory meetings, GOPAC through its regional chapters also conducts information webinars to invite fellow members and parliamentarians to stay engaged and contribute to the preparatory process of the UNGASS 2021.




  1. GOPAC Oceania Webinar – On 20 April 2021, GOPAC Oceania hold a webinar entitled “The role for Pacific parliamentarians in the UN General Assembly Special Session against corruption (UNGASS) 2021”. The webinar was aimed to increase awareness of and knowledge on international and regional anti-corruption issues identified challenges and opportunities that could help parliaments and parliamentarians play an active role in the institutionalization of anti-corruption policies, and share good practices to curb corruption and promote good governance. Presenters at the webinar come from the UN Pacific Regional Anti-Corruption (UN-PRAC) Project, UNODC, UNDP, GOPAC chair H.E. Ahmad Bin Abdulla bin Zaid Al-Mahmoud MP, Speaker, Qatar Shura Council; GOPAC Oceania chair Lord Fusitu’a, Kiribati Parliament Speaker Hon Tangariki Reete, Gov. Gary Juffa, Deputy Chairman, Public Accounts Committee, Papua New Guinea Parliament, and GOPAC Australia Chair Margaret Quirk
  2. SEAPAC Information Webinar – On Tuesday, February 9, 2021, GOPAC regional chapter SEAPAC hold an information webinar entitled “The UNGASS 2021: what roles are there for parliamentarians?” The webinar is held as part of an information seminar about the 2021 UNGASS and a tool of exploration in elaborating regional priorities through shared best practices and challenges. The webinar is also expected to provide a platform where parliaments and parliamentarians can explore possible means and measures in ensuring effective implementation of the 2021 UNGASS outcome: The Political Declaration. The information webinar supported by GOPAC Chair H.E. Ahmad bin Abdulla bin Zaid Al Mahmoud, President SEAPAC, Hon. Dr. Fadli Zon, UNODC Regional Advisor for Anti-Corruption, ASEAN Parties Against Corruption (ASEAN-PAC), Indonesia Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK). The evend was also attended by the member of parliament from GOPAC Indonesia, GOPAC Malaysia, GOPAC Cambodia, GOPAC Timor-Leste, GOPAC Thailand, and also members of parliaments from the Philippines.