GOPAC in the News – Archive 2015

12/05/15 – Kuwait Welcomes Indonesian Delegation Following GOPAC Global Conference (only available in Indonesian)

12/03/15 – GOPAC Chair Attends National Conference on Corruption Eradication in Jakarta (only available in                   Indonesian)

12/02/15 – Indonesian House of Representatives Welcomes Cooperation with Parliament of Georgia (only available in                   Indonesian)

12/02/15 – GOPAC Vice-Chair Osei Kyei-Mensah-Bonsu: Ghana President Mahama Ignoring His Anti-Corruption                   Advisor

11/27/15 – Canadian Ambassador to Ecuador Meets with Opposition Assembly Members in Quito (only available in                   Spanish)

11/15/15 – GOPAC Chair Condemns Paris Attacks (only available in Indonesian)

11/11/15 – Tonga talks about partnership to curtail corruption in Pacific

11/05/15 – COSP6 event emphasizes parliamentarians’ role in global anti-corruption fight

11/04/15 – Leading international legislator praises Kuwait’s support

10/28/15 – Defence and Security: Oversight is the Continuation of Democracy by Other Means

10/21/15 – Canadian Muslim MPs Make History

10/20/15 – Osei Kyei-Mensah-Bonsu Elected Vice-Chair of GOPAC

10/18/15 – Audio: GOPAC CEO Akaash Maharaj Speaks to the Daily Observer (Antigua & Barbuda) on Campaign                   Financing Reform

10/16/15 – MPs Discuss Corruption Eradiction

10/13/15 – Beyond Corruption: What Can Nigeria Learn from Indonesia

10/12/15 – Fadli Zon Meets with Indonesian Corruption Eradication Commission (only available in Indonesian)

10/09/15 – Sri Lanka Parliamentarian Elected to Post in Global Anti-Corruption Organization

10/08/15 – Deputy Speaker of Indonesian House of Representatives Fadli Zon Elected Chair of GOPAC (some articles                   only available in Indonesian)

10/08/15 – UN called on to establish international corruption court

10/06/15 – Yogyakarta Declaration Adopted at Sixth Global Conference (only available in Indonesian)

10/06/15 – News articles on GOPAC Sixth Global Conference of Parliamentarians Against Corruption in Yogyakarta,                   Indonesia (some articles only available in Indonesian)

10/04/15 – GOPAC CEO Akaash Maharaj: I Addressed the United Nations on Political Corruption

09/08/15 – Global corruption

09/04/15 – Grand corruption is big stumbling block for new development goals – campaigners

08/26/15 – Indonesia, Timor-Leste to strengthen bilateral relations (only available in Indonesian)

08/24/15 – Indonesian House of Representatives to host GOPAC’s sixth Global Conference of Parliamentarians Against                   Corruption (only available in Indonesian)

08/21/15 – Anti-graft study of women parliamentarians

08/19/15 – GOPAC Oceania Chair John Hyde: “Countries need to keep improving their anti-corruption systems”

08/17/15 – Fiji to review its implementation of the United Nations Convention Against Corruption (UNCAC)

08/14/15 – President of the Indonesian House of Representatives Setya Novanto Pleased to See Development of                   Indonesia’s International Relations (only available in Indonesian)

08/04/15 – “Verona Clean,” Example of Civil Society Action in the Fight Against Corruption (only available in Italian)

07/24/15 – Dealing with corruption

07/22/15 – Committees must be apolitical, Fiji Attorney-General explains

07/21/15 – APNAC-Congo forms new GOPAC national chapter (only available in French)

07/21/15 – Audio: Pacific MPs attend anti-corruption workshop

07/21/15 – Fiji President Praises UNODC Role in Pacific Anti-Corruption

07/21/15 – Workshop in Fiji Teaches Parliamentarians How to Fight Against Corruption (only available in French)

07/20/15 – “Corruption Undermines Democracy,” Says Speaker of Parliament of Fiji Dr Jiko Luveni

07/20/15 – News stories on UNCAC Implementation Workshop for Pacific Region Parliamentarians (Nadi, Fiji)

07/16/15 – GOPAC Condemns Looting of YemenPAC Offices in Sana’a (only available in Arabic)

06/12/15 – More inclusive anti-corruption strategy for Pacific region

06/11/15 – International Conference on Legislative Transparency (only available in Spanish)

06/09/15 – International Conference on Legislative Transparency Held in Congress (only available in Spanish)

06/02/15 – Tonga Joins Anti-Corruption Group

05/27/15 – Kyrgyz MP and Canadian Ambassador to Kyrgyzstan Discuss Mining Sector Corruption (only available in                   Russian)

05/25/15 – International Conference Held at the National Assembly of Serbia in Belgrade (only available in Russian)

05/21/15 – Parliamentarians from Eastern Europe and Central Asia Gather in Belgrade to Discuss Best Practices in                   Financial Oversight and Eradicating Corruption

05/21/15 – Tonga Parliament Takes Tangible Steps in Fight Against Corruption

05/16/15 – Workshop in Tonga Tackles Corruption

05/12/15 – The Fight Against Corruption Continues in Indonesia (only available in Indonesian)

04/01/15 – Vladimir Pavicevic Elected Deputy Chairman of GOPAC Serbia’s Executive Committee (only available in                   Serbian)

04/01/15 – Public Puts Pressure on Brazilian Government to Fight Corruption (only available in Portuguese)

03/09/15 – Brazilian State-Level Politician Claims Corruption is Predominant Cause of Strengthening of Organized Crime                   (only available in Portuguese)

03/02/15 – YEMENPAC Member Hon Aidroos Al-Nagib on State of Yemeni Politics (only available in Arabic)

02/26/15 – “Combating Grand Corruption: Is International Law the Answer”: The Debate Continues at Harvard Law                   School

02/26/15 – Defence and Security Sector Oversight in the Fight Against Corruption

02/25/15 – GOPAC Chair on HSBC Tax-Evasion Scandal (only available in Spanish)

02/20/15 – Italy’s Anti-Corruption Agency Chief Visits Belgrade

02/13/15 – The need to establish an autonomous body to fight corruption in Mexico (only available in Spanish)

02/02/15 – GOPAC Audit Committee Member Interviewed by Guinean Radio Show “Le Club de la Presse” (only available                   in French)

01/23/15 – Vance Center Hosts Transparency International Meetings

01/20/15 – Prioritising governance for sustainable development

01/03/15 – GOPAC Ecuador Helps National Assembly Members in the Fight Against Corruption (only available in Spanish)


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