GOPAC in the News – Archive 2014

12/19/14 – Fight against corruption: “Guinea part of the top 30 most corrupt countries in the world,” says                   Honourable Aliou “Newton” Barry (only available in French)

12/14/14 – Corruption reaches almost all sectors and institutions of Spanish society (only available in Spanish)

12/09/14 – International Anti-Corruption Day (only available in Spanish)

12/09/14 – Indonesian Parliament Supports GOPAC’s Online Campaign on Grand Corruption

12/09/14 – Anti-Corruption Efforts Move Forward in Latin American Countries, With the Exception of Argentina (only                   available in Spanish)

12/09/14 – Corruption must be tackled “by whole of society”

12/05/14 – Yet Another Despot Gets Away With Grand Corruption

11/27/14 – Prosecutor General Discuses Damage Caused By Corruption (only available in Portuguese)

11/25/14 – Parliamentarians Against Corruption (only available in Spanish)

11/22/14 – Support for an International Court Against Corruption on the Rise (only available in Dutch)

11/21/14 – The Real Cost of Corruption in Brazil (only available in Portuguese)

11/21/14 – Proposal for an International Anti-Corruption Court Seeing “Significant” Momentum

11/20/14 – The Global Organization of Parliamentarians Has a Local Chapter in Argentina (only available in Spanish)

11/09/14 – Lead the Fight Against Corruption Professionally (only available in German)

10/27/14 – Parliamentarians Play Essential Role in Combatting Corruption

10/19/14 – Parliamentarians against corruption

10/16/14 – Global Ethics and the Effective Parliamentarian

10/13/14 – Hon Yuriy Derevyanko, GOPAC Ukraine Member Publishes Report on His Accomplishments as Member of                   Parliament (only available in Ukrainian)

10/09/14 – Hon Nurhayati Ali Assegaf Hopes to Become the Next President of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (only                   available in Indonesian)

10/08/14 – Hon Willias Madzimure: “We will pile pressure on public officials to declare assets”

09/29/14 – Event on Parliamentary Transparency at the National Assembly of Serbia (only available in Serbian)

09/28/14 – Jorge Saravia Garassini: This government is far more right than traditional neoliberal parties (only available in                   Spanish)

09/11/14 – GOPAC Congratulates the Amir of Kuwait

09/02/14 – Money Laundering Hinders the Fight to End Poverty

09/02/14 – Pramono Anung Wibowo: Raising the price of fuel is no easy matter, requires good reasons (only available in                   Indonesian)

09/01/14 – Parliament experiencing setbacks (only available in Indonesian)

09/01/14 – Legislators: Corruption index higher in presidential systems (only available in Indonesian)

08/29/14 – Pramono Anung Wibowo: Eradicating corruption requires proper legislation and community participation (only                   available in Indonesian)

08/28/14 – Corruption hampers economic growth (only available in Indonesian)

08/28/14 – Indonesia Affirms Commitment to the Fight Against Corruption (only available in Indonesian)

08/28/14 – Combatting corruption in Indonesia has become part of the political agenda (only available in Indonesian)

08/27/14 – Siswono Yudo Husodo concerned about declining level of confidence in Indonesia House of Representatives                   (only available in Indonesian)

08/26/14 – Combatting corruption progresses, but the result is still unsatisfactory (only available in Portuguese)

08/26/14 – Strengthening anti-corruption in Parliament (only available in Indonesian)

08/26/14 – Siswono Yudo Husodo: Public distrust of State institutions is highly dangerous (only available in Indonesian)

08/26/14 – Better performance is expected of Indonesia’s new House of Representatives (only available in Indonesian)

08/21/14 – Pramono Anung Wibowo hopes next Indonesian government will adopt law on asset recovery (only available                   in Indonesian)

08/21/14 – Pramono Anung Wibowo: The Indonesian Democratic Party will respect the decision of the Constitutional                   Court (only available in Indonesian)

08/20/14 – SEAPAC Board Meeting and Workshop to be held in Jakarta 28-29 August (only available in Indonesian)

08/12/14 – SEAPAC Board Meeting Aims to Discuss Parliamentary Ethics and Integrity (only available in Indonesian)

08/12/14 – Jorge Hernando Pedraza Elected President of the Senate Ethics Committee (only available in Spanish)

07/21/14 – Ricardo Garcia Cervantes: “You cannot govern while showing contempt for a part of society” (only available in                   Spanish)

07/03/14 – Indonesia to Host Sixth Global Conference of Parliamentarians Against Corruption

06/19/14 – Dodi Reza, MP Calls for a Code of Conduct for State Officials in Indonesia (only available in Indonesian)

06/17/14 – Code of Conduct Needed for State Officials in Indonesia to Support Anti-Corruption Policy (only available in                   Indonesian)

06/10/14 – International Seminar: “Transparency in the Exercise of Public Office” (only available in Spanish)

06/10/14 – June 10 news articles about the International Anti-Corruption Conference in Kyrgyzstan (only available in                   Russian)

06/10/14 – Indonesia still struggling to prevent and combat corruption – Pramono Anung (only available in Indonesian)

06/09/14 – Kanybek Imanaliyev: About 70 percent of investors leave Kyrgyzstan because of corruption

06/09/14 – Michael Greene: Corruption must be confronted every day, not just once a year at conference

06/09/14 – We are expecting vigorous anti-corruption reforms of our government – Assylbek Jeenbekov (only available in                   Russian)

06/09/14 – Akaash Maharaj: If the fight against corruption will fail, it is necessary to raise the question of the viability of                   parliamentarism in Kyrgyzstan (only available in Russian)

06/09/14 – Corruption is a threat to our national security – Kanybek Imanaliev (only available in Russian)

06/09/14 – Akaash Maharaj: People who steal from the health care system are equal to the killers of children (only                   available in Russian)

06/09/14 – Kyrgyzstan has been praised for fighting corruption (only available in Russian)

06/09/14 – International Conference, “The Role of Parliamentarism in Combating Corruption in the Kyrgyz Republic,”                   Greeted the President and the Speaker (only available in Russian)

06/09/14 – Bishkek to discuss the role of the State in promoting parliamentary anti-corruption policy in Kyrgyzstan (only                   available in Russian)

06/09/14 – Kyrgyzstan: A unique country that has managed to build parliamentarism – Akaash Maharaj (only available in                   Russian)

06/05/14 – GOPAC Becomes Observer in Egmont Group

05/28/14 – Batidam abandons anti-corruption job, joins Mahama’s administration

05/27/14 – Ricardo Garcia Cervantes steps down as Deputy Attorney General for Human Rights, Crime Prevention, and                   Community Services of the Republic of Mexico (only available in Spanish)

05/22/14 – International Conference in Kyrgyzstan Aims to Discuss the Role of Public Policy in Parliamentary (only                   available in Russian)

05/21/14 – Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan to host International Anti-Corruption Conference from June 9-10 (only available in                   Russian)

05/13/14 – GOPAC Argentina Attends Meeting on Legislative Transparency at the Argentine Senate (only available in                   Spanish)

05/12/14 – The Opposition Will Meet with NGOs to Discuss Legislative Transparency (only available in Spanish)

05/12/14 – Dissolution of Parliament Delays Formation of GOPAC Chapter in Thailand (only available in Indonesian)

05/04/14 – Dr Naser Al Sane urges parliamentarians to ensure their governments apply UNCAC provisions (only                   available in Arabic)

05/01/14 – Grand Corruption, a Crime Against Humanity (only available in French)

05/01/14 – Ukraine needs partners to recover assets stolen by Yanukovych regime

04/28/14 – How to recover stolen state assets (only available in Russian)

04/22/14 – Akaash Maharaj: “Without institutional reform, Ukraine’s uprising may just replace one corrupt regime with an                   equally corrupt regime” (only available in Ukrainian)

04/09/14 – Azerbaijani MPs to attend GRECO conference in Vienna

04/08/14 – Strengthening asset recovery in OECD countries

04/04/14 – Austria suspects Bakhmatuk of laundering 35 million euros (only available in Russian)

04/02/14 – Corruption is present in all segments of life (only available in Hungarian)

03/31/14 – Close Collaboration With Foreign Agencies Help to Settle Cases Faster – MACC (Malaysian                   Anti-Corruption Commission) (only available in Malay)

03/31/14 – Close Collaboration With Foreign Agencies Help to Settle Cases Faster – MACC (Malaysian Anti-Corruption                   Commission)

03/23/14 – Serious challenges for Parliament in 2014/15

03/20/14 – Nasser Al-Sane: Arab Parliamentarians Against Corruption ready to set up codes of parliamentary conduct                   (only available in Arabic)

03/20/14 – Congress facing charges for not tackling corruption (only available in Portuguese)

03/19/14 – Compliance Manager from Serasa Experian Participates in Internatinal Seminar on Fighting Corruption in                   Brasilia (only available in Portuguese)

03/19/14 – Parliamentary Front Against Corruption Accuses Congress (only available in Portuguese)

03/19/14 – Corruption violates human rights, evaluates GOPAC (only available in Portuguese)

03/17/14 – Straight from Brasilia: Senators hitchhike to travel to Holland (only available in Portuguese)

03/17/14 – Parliamentarians Against Corruption is ready to provide assistance for the implementation of plans, codes of                   conduct for parliamentarians in Tunisia, Libya, Yemen (only available in Arabic)

03/17/14 – Former Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) Director Designate: Trinidad and Tobago At Risk of Being Blacklisted

03/16/14 – Kublalsingh in court, charged with obstruction

03/16/14 – West: No political will to tackle money laundering

03/13/14 – Arab Parliamentarians Against Corruption: To develop codes of parliamentary conduct (only available in                   Arabic)

03/07/14 – Guest Post: Gender Equality in Parliaments and Political Corruption

03/07/14 – International Women’s Day 2014: Gender equality in parliaments and political corruption

02/10/14 – Mweetwa Challenges Anti-Corruption Commission on Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba

02/07/14 – GOPAC and WBI Strengthen Anti-corruption Capacity of Parliamentarians

02/06/14 – Cooks seek to become fourth GOPAC nation

01/21/14 – Misuse of public funds sickening – Mweetwa

01/19/14 – Ali Haïdar, an activist? (only available in French)

01/07/14 – Stop the Corruption

01/03/14 – “Even if I have to work as a sweeper” (only available in Spanish)


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