GOPAC in the News Archive – 2013

12/26/13 – Legislators around the world ask for zero tolerance to corruption and impunity (only available in Spanish)

12/26/13 – Asking to strengthen institutions (only available in Spanish)

12/25/13 – MPs and Senators, on a pilgrimage to the Global Organization of Parliamentarians Against Corruption
                (only available in Romanian)

12/22/13 – Wanted: Code of Conduct for MPs

12/19/13 – News coverage of GOPAC and Revenue Watch Institute Workshop in Turkey (only available in Russian)

12/19/13 – News coverage of GOPAC and Revenue Watch Institute Workshop in Turkey (only available in Bulgarian)

12/19/13 – News coverage of GOPAC and Revenue Watch Institute Workshop in Turkey (only available in Azerbaijani)

12/16/13 – Worth Reading: Combating Corruption

12/11/13 – IDB – Islamic Development Bank: IDB Observes International Anti-Corruption Day

12/10/13 – Ghana legislature frown upon corruption

12/10/13 – Zimbabwe: ‘Let’s Promote a Corruption-Free Zimbabwe’

12/10/13 – Federal prosecutors keep close eye on overseas corruption

12/10/13 – Sata urges intensified graft fight

12/10/13 – Parliamentarians: Corruption a crime against humanity

12/09/13 – Grand Corruption, a Crime Against Humanity (only available in French)

12/09/13 – Pramod Anung concerned about sprouting corruption (only available in Indonesian)

12/09/13 – Mexico supports that corruption as a crime against humanity (only available in Spanish)

12/09/13 – Zimbabwe: Tougher Legislation Needed to Fight Graft

12/08/13 – Fighting corruption a lonely job

12/07/13 – Senate President Hamel-Smith: Corruption affects all of us

12/05/13 – Bertol was elected vice president of GOPAC Latin America and the Caribbean (only available in Spanish)

12/04/13 – Senegal improves its rank (only available in French)

12/02/13 – Zambia: ‘MPs Should Lead Graft War’

12/02/13 – European MPs Attend Regional Seminar On Fight Against Corruption In Belgrade

11/29/13 – Interview: Searching for an organization to evaluate transparency in Congresses (only available in Spanish)

11/29/13 – Nago named Ambassador for the fight against corruption (only available in French)

11/29/13 – Political Corruption Affects Real People

11/29/13 – Grand corruption is ‘crime against humanity’ – lawmakers

11/27/13 – Representatives from PAS join the UN conference against corruption in Panama (only available in Malawian)

11/26/13 – Azeri MP to deliver a speech on progress achieved in fight against corruption

11/19/13 – Regional Conference – Role of Parliament in Combating Corruption

11/16/13 – Using Parliamentary Tools to Fight Corruption

11/15/13 – GOPAC Pressed for Stronger Fight Against Corruption by International Community and Parliamentarians
                at UN Hearings in New York

11/13/13 – Strengthening parliament is key to fighting corruption – says minority leader

11/12/13 – Corruption: the realities according to an honorary minister (only available in French)

11/04/13 – Legislators from Across Southeast Asia Commit to Corrupt-free Southeast Asia

11/02/13 – Don’t use Sata’s call for unity to escape corruption – APNAC

11/01/13 – Edgardo J Angara Stands Down as Chair of the Global Organization of Parliamentarians Against Corruption

10/25/13 – Lawmakers issue Medan Declaration to fight corruption

10/24/13 – Fight against corruption: Picchi elected President of GOPAC Italy (only available in Italian)

10/24/13 – IDEA speaks at the General Assembly of the Southeast Asian Parliamentarians Against Corruption

10/24/13 – RI House pushes for extradition treaty with Singapore

10/23/13 – Asean Corruption Conference Underway in Medan

10/23/13 – 775 Joint Personnel Secure SEAPAC Meeting

10/23/13 – Lungu wins APNAC support

10/23/13 – SEAPAC, MPs invited in Southeast Asia (only available in Indonesian)

10/14/13 – APNAC calls for dissolution of Cabinet

10/10/13 – APNAC gets 1000 euros finnish boost

10/09/13 – Rada deputies proposed to declassify information about the owners of real estate
                (only available in Russian)

10/06/13 – Sri Lanka MPs sign up to curb corruption

10/05/13 – Sri Lanka MPs sign up to curb corruption

10/04/13 – Will the Parliament prevent 300 billion UAH from being stolen from the state budget?
                (only available in Russian)

10/03/13 – Seven point related to corruption to be discussed at the SEAPAC General Assembly
                (only available in Indonesian)

10/03/13 – APNAC tells Lungu not to politick over Chinese deal

09/23/13 – Masitara fights corruption

09/20/13 – Marzuki Alie Invites ASEAN Parliament in the Systemic Fight Against Corruption
                (only available in Indonesian)

09/18/13 – Serbian MPs commit to anti-corruption

09/18/13 – Anti-corruption body advises gov’t to seek int’l help in GNPC drill ship scandal

09/11/13 – Zambian terminates $210 million ZTE contract over corruption allegations

09/10/13 – Nation’s sickest fall victim to corruption

09/09/13 – Kiribati MPs determined to stamp out corruption

09/06/13 – Bertol urged G20 leaders to take action against money laundering (only available in Spanish)

09/06/13 – GOPAC Calls for Action Against International Money Laundering as G20 Leaders Gather in St Petersburg

09/03/13 – Explain $210 million Safe City Project deal – APNAC

08/30/13 – Corruption fight a dangerous, lonely mission – Mweetwa

08/30/13 – PF Corruption Fight Questionable

08/22/13 – The leadership of Kyrgyzstan formed political will to eradicate corruption – the vice-speaker of the LCD
                (only available in Russian)

08/14/13 – Pacific MPs sign up to curb corruption

08/09/13 – ‘MPs, ministers must declare assets’

07/29/13 – Serbian members of GOPAC adopted plan of activities until 2015

07/12/13 – Money laundering has no easy solution

07/05/13 – The Benin association of constitutional rights and APNAC Benin for the improvement of the partisan
                 landscape in Benin
(only available in French)

07/05/13 – Are women less susceptible to corruption?

07/01/13 – Rwanda: African MPs, AfDB Mull New Inclusive Anti-Corruption Strategy

06/30/13 – Myanmar holds workshop on drafting anti-corruption bill

06/30/13 – Uganda: Buhweju – Can’t You See the Road?

06/28/13 – Corruption threatens the State, warns Deputy Attorney General García Cervantes (only available in Spanish)

06/27/13 – Seminar Against Corruption Begins (only available in Spanish)

06/26/13 – Serbian government is conducting a determined fight against corruption – Djurovic

06/17/13 – How Do We Fight Corruption?

06/17/13 – Direct from Brasilia: Protestors invade “espelhos d’água” cathedral (only available in Portuguese)

06/13/13 – Articles in English from Anti-Money Laundering workshop in Jakarta, Indonesia, 13 June 2013

06/13/13 – Articles in Indonesian on Anti-Money Laundering workshop in Jakarta, Indonesia, 13 June 2013

06/12/13 – Saudi- Manila, Riyadh bilateral ties at their best

06/10/13 – Real accountability and transparency does not exist in Guyana- Opposition MP

06/07/13 – Parliamentarians Against Corruption

06/06/13 – Ukraine opens office of Global Organization of Parliamentarians Against Corruption

06/06/13 – Rwanda: Activists Say Sexual Corruption a Threat to Economic Prospects

06/06/13 – GOPAC national branch founded

06/06/13 – Corruption ‘scares’ Spanish politicians: none are affiliated with the Global Organization of Parliamentarians
                Against Corruption
(only available in Spanish)

06/03/13 – Fighting Corruption: The role of the Parliaments — Part One

05/27/13 – Developmental aid

05/22/13 – Azerbaijan’s parliament speaker meets chair of GOPAC Board of Directors

05/22/13 – Azerbaijani anti-corruption laws meet int’l standards: official

05/21/13 – Attention is focused on the fight against corruption (only available in Azerbaijani)

05/21/13 – Azerbaijan may host GOPAC 6th conference

05/20/13 – Ghana’s Minority Leader chairs African MPs group against corruption

04/11/13 – Years later, Thatcher’s rebuke still stings this Canadian Liberal

04/04/13 – If tasked, DOJ ready to look into Imee Marcos’ offshore trust – De Lima

03/31/13 – Left Out

03/23/13 – Sen. Edgardo J. Angara: Pointers from the statesman and intellectual

02/28/13 – Corruption: A key issue for democracy (only available in Spanish)

02/11/13 – ‘Politicians’ capture’

02/08/13 – 65th Independence Day Celebrations – Manila

02/05/13 – Avalan Travels to France with 5 Federal Representatives (only available in Spanish)

02/04/13 – Our right to information

02/04/13 – The Politics melting pot (only available in Spanish)

02/04/13 – GOPAC hits parliamentary immunity

02/03/13 – P-Noy can still save FOI bill, lawmakers say

02/02/13 – 5th GOPAC ends with Manila Declaration recognizing UN Convention Against Corruption

02/02/13 – Indonesia Leads SEAPAC to 2015 (only available in Indonesian)

02/02/13 – Parliamentary Cooperation to strengthen the Monitoring and Legislative Role to combat Corruption

02/02/13 – Senator Angara: An executive order can take the place of FOI law

02/02/13 – GOPAC emphasizes achieving corruption-free societies

02/02/13 – Int’l solons from 67 nations vow to enact laws vs graft

02/01/13 – Binay unfazed by LP backing of Mar in 2016

02/01/13 – World Bank estimates losses due to corrupt acts at $1.3 trillion

02/01/13 – Global Anti-Corruption Conference

02/01/13 – Phl still vulnerable to corruption

02/01/13 – ‘Gov’t must sustain anti-graft efforts’

02/01/13 – PH hosts 5th int’l conference vs corruption

01/31/13 – Flor Ayala represented Mexico in parliamentary conference against corruption in the Philippines
                (only available in Spanish)

01/31/13 – International Coalition Capable of Conquering Corruption (only available in Indonesian)

01/31/13 – Lawmakers from Around the World Determined to Eradicate Corruption (only available in Indonesian)

01/30/13 – Parliamentarians at an International Conference Against Corruption (only available in Spanish)

01/30/13 – Bertol, Bullrich and Garrido at an International Conference Against Corruption (only available in Spanish)

01/29/13 – Morocco: Karim Ghellab Participated in the 5th International GOPAC Conference in Manila
               (only available in French)

01/29/13 – Toni Cantó (UPyD) Mocks Representatives from PP and PSOE who “Give Lessons” at a
                Global Conference on Corruption
(only available in Spanish)

01/28/13 – A Representative Unable to Attend the Global Conference Against Corruption must stay in Madrid
                (only available in Spanish)

01/20/13 – Role of women in fighting corruption

01/18/13 – Anti-Money Laundering Experts Fly to Manila for Global Conference

01/15/13 – Anti-Corruption Experts Meet in Manila

01/03/13 – I didn’t chicken out, says Angara on abortive bid


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