GOPAC members are the leaders in the fight against corruption. They are current or former legislators, or legislators who have been denied their right to take office, and their collaboration is non-partisan and voluntary. We currently number over 700 members worldwide and growing—men and women fighting corruption at the national, regional and global level.

GOPAC members are committed to GOPAC’s vision and uphold our core values. They work together to strengthen the effectiveness of parliaments on issues of accountability, transparency and integrity in governance. They promote collective problem solving approaches to find innovative and practical solutions to fight corruption.

GOPAC members participate in activities led by their national and regional chapters as well as the global organization. They also advocate for GOPAC and its anti-corruption mission. Each GOPAC member strengthens our global network and helps us fight for a better life and stronger democracies for citizens around the world.

Our network, and the fight against corruption, is stronger with every new member.


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Benefits to being a GOPAC Member

GOPAC members benefit from a collective international network where they can share ideas and learn from the experience and knowledge of their peers and anti-corruption partners to facilitate the development and implementation of anti-corruption initiatives nationally, regionally and globally. They have access to learning resources on major anti-corruption issues including anti-money laundering, parliamentary ethics and conduct, and parliamentary and congressional oversight. Subject matter experts are also available to deliver workshops tailored to specific chapter needs. Members can request research support to identify and address gaps in their anticorruption regimes as well as facilitate the drafting of legislation.

Every two years, GOPAC members are invited to participate in the Global Conference of Parliamentarians Against Corruption, our international conference that brings together leaders, members, prospective members, stakeholders and funders to inspire, educate and equip GOPAC chapters and its individual members in the ongoing fight against corruption. They are also informed about and invited to partner events throughout the year.

To facilitate information sharing, GOPAC provides members with a monthly newsletter as well as access to our Online Database where members can ensure their contact information is accurate in real time. Our membership mailing list also includes access to GOPAC news releases and invitations to conferences and events.


Tips to being a successful anti-corruption fighter

We strongly encourage our members to maximize their contribution to the fight against corruption at the national, regional and global levels. The following are some tips to ensure a successful fight:

  • Participate in chapter meetings in your country and region. Ensure your national and regional chapters have action plans in place and contribute to their implementation and success.
  • Through your national chapter and based on issues that spread across your region, share suggestions for regional initiatives that may be of interest to the other national chapters within your region.
  • If your country does not already have a national chapter, network with fellow legislators and former legislators to build one.
  • If your national chapter does not belong to a regional chapter, network with surrounding national chapters and encourage those without national chapters to implement them. All this will serve towards the creation of a new regional chapter.
  • Work in partnership with civil society to achieve your chapter’s objectives.
  • Communicate with the Global Secretariat and your regional chapter to receive support and to keep them informed of your anti-corruption activities.
  • Keep abreast of global projects pursued by the Global Secretariat by visiting the GOPAC website, reading the monthly e-newsletter and following us on Twitter and Facebook.

The Global Secretariat exists to facilitate your fight against corruption. If you are interested in taking part in any global projects or have a specific expertise or event that you would like to share with our membership, please contact us at