2015 International Anti-Corruption Award


The Honourable Ali Ashal was awarded GOPAC’s inaugural International Anti-Corruption Award in June 2015. Mr Ashal’s is a parliamentarian from Yemen. His accomplishments in his 15 years as a parliamentarian include introducing the Access to Information Right Law in the Yemen Parliament which passed in 2012.  He has also promoted parliamentary oversight in the resource sector including playing a prominent role in the cancellation of an extension that the government intended to grant to American Hunt Co. after the expiration of the original agreement. He joined GOPAC in 2005.






Scholarship Recipient

As Mr Ashal was unable to attend the International Anti-Corruption Academy (IACA) Summer Academy, GOPAC and IACA were proud to offer the scholarship to the Honourable Willias Madzimure, a fellow nominee and equally dedicated anti-corruption leader. Mr Madzimure is a parliamentarian from Zimbabwe and has made numerous strides nationally, regionally, and globally to fight corruption, including developing a code of conduct that was used as a blueprint for the Parliament of Zimbabwe’s Code of Conduct.








Thanks to the generosity and support of the International Anti-Corruption Academy (IACA), GOPAC granted the 2015 International Anti-Corruption Award with a scholarship to the International Anti-Corruption Summer Academy (IACSA). This intensive programme, which is run by IACA, based in Laxenburg (Vienna), Austria, is designed for professionals looking to expand their knowledge and experience to better counter corruption.