The Global Organization of Parliamentarians Against Corruption (GOPAC) is an international network of parliamentarians dedicated to good governance and combating corruption throughout the world. Since its inception, GOPAC has provided information and analysis, established international benchmarks, and improved public awareness through a combination of global pressure and national action.



Interview with GOPAC’s Executive Director, Akaash Maharaj, During Mission in Ukraine

New Gallery: Photos From the Transparency and Accountability Micro-Site Launch

GOPAC’s Chair, Ricardo Garcia Cervantes, attended the launch of Transparency and Accountability, a micro-site to promote openness and transparency in the Senate of Mexico. Citizens visiting the site will find documents disclosing information on the process of building and equipping the Senate’s new headquarters. The event was held on 9 April 2014 in Mexico City, Mexico.

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International Anti-Corruption Organization Arrives in Ukraine to Help Legislators Lead Country Through Crisis

GOPAC has declared Ukraine to be one of its primary global priorities. GOPAC is therefore deploying its Executive Director, Akaash Maharaj, on a mission to Kiev, to contribute to efforts by Ukraine’s legislators to lead their country through the current crisis.

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GOPAC Calls for Improved Oversight in Management of Development Aid

GOPAC is calling for development agencies and parliamentarians to work together to improve the management of aid funds, in GOPAC’s latest position paper Improving Oversight in the Management of Development Aid, being launched at the World Bank and International Monetary Fund Spring Meetings in Washington, D.C.

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