The Global Organization of Parliamentarians Against Corruption (GOPAC) is an international network of parliamentarians dedicated to good governance and combating corruption throughout the world. Since its inception, GOPAC has provided information and analysis, established international benchmarks, and improved public awareness through a combination of global pressure and national action.



Sixth Global Conference of Parliamentarians Against Corruption

The sixth Global Conference of Parliamentarians Against Corruption will be hosted in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, 6-8 October 2015. The conference is a joint initiative of the House of Representatives of the Republic of Indonesia, GOPAC, the South East Asian Parliamentarians Against Corruption (SEAPAC) and GOPAC Indonesia. The theme is Bringing perpetrators of grand corruption to justice for a sustainable world where all citizens can live in prosperity and equity.

Visit the Global Conference website for the latest information on the conference programme, accommodations, and visas. Register today and be part of the growing movement to fight corruption and promote good governance.


Common Ethical Principles for Members of Parliament

Developed by members of the Open Government Partnership’s Legislative Openness Working Group and the broader parliamentary openness community, the Common Ethical Principles for Members of Parliament is a set of normative standards on the conduct and behavior of individual members of parliament. The document is the product of extensive public feedback and draws upon the existing body of international standards for legislatures. Members of parliament and civil society groups are welcome to endorse the document.


Check out GOPAC’s September Newsletter!

GOPAC’s September newsletter is now available online. In our latest issue, get updated on our upcoming sixth Global Conference in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, which will begin in last than one week. Also, you can also read about GOPAC’s participation at the 16th International Anti-Corruption Conference (IACC) which was held in Putrajaya, Malaysia and at the C20 Summit in Istanbul, Turkey.


GOPAC Prevails with Grand Corruption Project at 16th IACC

GOPAC drove home the importance of fighting perpetrators of grand corruption and welcomed support for the cause from international civil society in the Putrajaya Declaration: Zero Tolerance for Impunity from the 16th International Anti-Corruption Conference (IACC), in Putrajaya, Malaysia, 2-4 September 2015.

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